• CURITIBA - UTFPR Idiomas - Inglês 4 - A2.2 - 03 a 20 FEV - 2a a 6a - 18:15-22:10
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COMMUNICATIVE ABILITIES: Use logic to solve a crime; Present a brochure to the class; Guess a classmate’s identity from survey answers; Take a personality quiz and talk about the results; Give advice about bad habits; Talk about future goals; Make and present a poster to increase health awareness; Role-play different stressful situations; Talk about hidden talents and plan a talent show; Discuss activities you would and wouldn’t like to do; Create a new movie and make a poster; Talk about favorite movies


GRAMMATICAL ITEMS: Prepositions of place; Questions and answers with How much / How many; Verb + infinitive; verb + noun; How often…? frequency expressions; Like to / would like to; The future with be going to; Imperatives; When clauses; Using can for ability; Connecting ideas with because and so; The present continuous as future; -ed / -ing adjectives


BOOK currently used for this level: WORLD LINK 1 – 3rd edition – National Geographic + Cengage


Begins on February 3rd

Ends on February 20th


Classes go from 6.15pm to 10.10pm

Every day, from Monday to Friday


Classes take place at UTFPR Rebouças, Av Sete de Setembro, 3165.


Tuition for the Intensive Course in February: R$750 (R$250 + 2* R$250 or R$250 + 1* R$500)


à Make sure you take a placement test if you are interested but have not studied with us yet.