• CURITIBA - UTFPR Idiomas - Inglês 7 - B1+.1 - 03 a 20 FEV - 2a a 6a - 18:15-22:10
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COMMUNICATIVE ABILITIES: Describing and planning how to fix a room; Talking about annoying behaviors; Predicting the future; Talking about future plans; Ranking behaviors; Catching up at a reunion; Discussing societal norms; Taking and discussing a dating survey; Designing a poster to improve public behavior; Explaining how to do something; Presenting facts about your city or region; Creating a commercial


GRAMMATICAL ITEMS: Stative passive; Giving permission and expressing prohibition; Review of future forms; Modals of future possibility; Participial and prepositional phrases; Review of the present perfect tense; Adverbs used with the present perfect; Phrasal verbs; It + be + Adjective + Infinitive / Gerund + be + Adjective; Present and Future Time Clauses with before, after, when, as soon as / once; The simple present and simple past passive forms / Connecting ideas with because, so, although / even though

BOOK currently used for this level: WORLD LINK 3 – 3rd edition – National Geographic + Cengage

Begins on February 3rd

Ends on February 20th


Classes go from 6.15pm to 10.10pm

Every day, from Monday to Friday


Classes take place at UTFPR Rebouças, Av Sete de Setembro, 3165.


Tuition for the Intensive Course in February: R$750 (R$250 + 2* R$250 or R$250 + 1* R$500)


à Make sure you take a placement test if you are interested but have not studied with us yet.